Stepping into the future
   We at Xcelestep take great pride in our products and workmanship. We therefore give the purchaser a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on any Xcelestep system. We further warrant that for 10 years from the date of purchase the product will perform to original specifications and be free from material defect with the following exceptions: Xcelestep will not be responsible for damage caused by neglect, abuse or act of God or for systems that have been modified or tampered with by the customer. Xcelestep reserves the right to determine the cause of any failure. This warrantee does not cover non-Xcelestep components (e.g., encoders) or damage caused by non-Xcelestep components. Warrantee claims are handled on a parts or system exchange basis or with a cash refund, at the sole discretion of Xcelestep.
Our goal
    It is our goal at Xcelestep to keep our clients satisfied with our products.
To this end we offer:
    Free original installation.
    Free unlimited technical support.
    Free hardware/firmware upgrades (exchange basis).