Stepping into the future
    Xcelestep was originally designed to help a Preco cutting press cut some difficult to manage material (the felt pads that stick to chair leg bottoms to protect floors). The stuff was nearly impossible to run with the standard feed controller. The press was running about 32 strokes per minute with many feed jams - some of the 500 ft. rolls would take as long as 4 hours to cut.
    After the Xcelestep system was in place, the same press cutting the same product ran at 72 strokes per minute with no feed jams - a typical roll would run in 20 minutes!
    Xcelestep is a patented stepping motor controller system specifically designed for cutting press feed systems.
     This new and innovative system utilizes a low mass encoder to ensure feed accuracy to one thousandth of an inch.
     The Xcelestep controller compensates for missed steps from the stepper motor(s) and any slippage from the feed rollers. This allows the operator to drive the feed motors close to 100% of their torque capacity with no feed errors. Traditional stepping motor controllers operate at about 50% of motor capacity to guard against missed steps.
    The higher feed accuracy and speeds translate directly into reduced waste and production rates up to double that of traditional feed systems.
    Higher feed accuracy also allows other related systems such as knockouts and/or stackers to operate much more efficiently.
    The Xcelestep controller has a ram down anticipation feature that can increase the production rate as much as an additional 10%.
    The Xcelestep system will interface with any cutting press controller including the new PLC controlled systems and older and full step systems.
    Xcelestep is not affiliated with Preco or any other cutting press company.